Small Growers Network

About The Small Growers Network

The Small Growers Network was started in spring 2016 in response to a need for something to help growers who had done a formal training or an internship and were either already in production or about to go into production. It is essentially a participatory network and open to anyone who feels it would be of help to them.

For the last three years we have met in the early New Year and decided on a programme and organised a series of farm walks over the summer season from May to September.

We have visited members farms and more established farms all over the country. We generally do one farm walk in the morning and another in the afternoon and have a bring and share lunch in between.

The emphasis is on participants finding solutions to their own and each other’s horticultural problems and sharing information. Since we started, we have built an effective community and a lot of participants have found it to be a benefit to their business both from a technical point and socially.

If you would like to join us or need further information, contact Kitty Scully:


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