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OGI Work Placement

Could you be a Host Farm?

We are always looking for farms to host interns on our Work Placement Programme. If you own or manage a certified organic horticultural holding, we want to hear from you!

This is a great opportunity to support new entrants into the sector. You’ll be supporting the development of a knowledgeable and experienced network of growers in Ireland and passing on your valuable knowledge to the next generation of growers!

You’ll benefit from employing a dynamic, hard-working & committed employee who has experience in horticulture and who will bring new knowledge back to your farm through their participation in the OGI training programme. This includes farm walks, workshops & a QQI Level 5 module in Organic Standards & Principles.

Do you already have a potential new employee lined up for the season? Sign them up to the OGI Work Placement Programme and they will also benefit from the in-depth training programme!

OGI Work Placement


The programme provides host farms with opportunities, not obligations!

• We provide a pool of applicant workers to choose from. They will be specifically interested in your farm and have previous experience in horticulture and/or farm work.
• We provide your chosen intern with essential Health and Safety and Manual Handling training and certificates.
• Benefit from your employee bringing new knowledge back to your farm. The OGI training programme includes farm walks and workshops from other growers and experts across the country.
• We will promote each host farm on our social and print media throughout the year.
• We provide free training workshop(s) for the host grower/farmer at end of year.
• We provide ongoing support such as interview and review meeting templates and guidance.

Don’t find a candidate to suit? No worries, there is no obligation to hire.

OGI Work Placement


• Provide a minimum of 30 hours/week work over a 6-month period.
• Pay the intern minimum wage or more and provide a contract.
• Give clear guidance and support to the new employee.
• Give a varied range of work throughout the work placement.


Contact the OGI Work Placement Coordinator at

Fill in an application form and we will get your farm profile set up online. In February 2025 we will send you a pack of applications. Choose who you want to interview. Hire the best candidate.

Some testimonials from past Host Farms

“We like showing/teaching others what we have learned over the years. The apprentice in return usually has knowledge to give us in return, especially after the training days.”

“My business benefited from a very committed and able apprentice throughout the season.”

“Good mix of on-farm working and training workshops helps motivate apprentices and brings back info and ideas to farm. The time off-farm is well rewarded by positivity it brings back to work on-farm.”

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