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About the Organic Growers of Ireland

The Organic Growers of Ireland’s (OGI) mission is to represent, support, grow and educate the growers that contribute to the Irish organic horticultural sector.

The OGI to date:

Since our inception in 2008, we have forged links with the Department of Agriculture and other relevant bodies such as Bord Bia, Teagasc and the Horticulture Industry Forum, providing a voice for certified organic growers.

We offer support to organic growers through our OGI Network which delivers an annual program of informative farm walks and workshops. We also provide resources such as a monthly newsletter and blogs on our website.

We are contributing to the growth of the organic sector through our organic growing internship which empowers participants with real on-farm experience and a FETAC Level 5 in Organic Horticulture.

The OGI inspires organic growers through the delivery of the annual Future Growers Conference.

In 2021, we formalised our structure by becoming a company limited by guarantee. Our team comprises five Board members and three part-time employees; an administrator, co-ordinator of the OGI Network and co-ordinator of the Internship Program.

We are excited about this latest chapter of the OGI, and we look forward to further developing the organic horticultural sector in Ireland in the coming years with the following goals:

To provide a strong and united voice for organic growers in Ireland

To represent organic growers in discussions with stakeholder groups

To expand on the services that we offer to growers

To lobby policy makers at national and European level on behalf of our members

To lobby third level education providers and colleges of further education to ensure organic horticulture is part of their curriculum

To support research into the organic horticultural sector

While we work on developing a formal membership option, we invite you to keep up to date with our activities and developments and offer you support in the following ways:


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