Organic Grower Feature:

Colman Power at Featherfield Farm

By Colman Power, Grower at Featherfield Farm

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My name is Colman Power. I am an organic grower currently growing with Featherfield Farm in Kildare, Lullymore; just 45 minutes West of Dublin. The produce grown here is fully certified organic. We use regenerative agriculture practices; like using nettle and garlic sprays for pest control. We also use three different types of farmyard manure and seaweed; which makes the produce of the highest nutritional value. The main goal of the farm is to supply the local neighborhood, as well as shops and restaurants in the area, with low mile, fresh and chemical free organic produce. The food you eat has a direct result on the way you look and feel, as well as the energy you have. We want everyone to live happier and healthier lives.

One of the new projects in the pipeline that I am excited about is the growing of medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms are an organic fitness food. Nutritionally, they are a good source of folate and vitamin D; making them a natural stress reliever and mood improver. They are also beneficial to your immune system; a true superfood! Currently the business is just getting off the ground. But if anyone wants to place orders for weekly seasonal veg and egg boxes, they can contact me at 0892586532, email at

Setting up this new operation at Featherfield Farm, it’s important to maximize my time by being as efficient as possible. Like when I first started growing I thought that you only had to grow one tomato plant with one main leader. However, just like in life there can be more than one leader. Currently I am doing three to maximize my crop and yield, by training the main leader with two side shoots in the early stage of the development of the plant. Tomatoes are a favorite, as they are a high yielding crop. As well as the fact that they are sowed on Valentines Day, making them my favorite vegetable.

At Featherfield Farm, I run a Grow Your Own course. They have a great classroom facility and grounds that make for the perfect setting to get your hands in the dirt. It’s a full day course where we talk about sowing and transplanting; turning kitchen waste into compost; give advice on setting up specific patches or specific veg or fruit; and tips for pest and disease control. It is hands-on and students are encouraged to get as involved as they would like. The class style with like-minded people makes all the difference. The different points of view and questions that arise, make each class unique. At the end of the class everyone leaves with a full tray of transplants to take home to get started. The next course takes place on July 2nd for a full hands-on day event. Spots are limited, so best to give me a call or message to book in.

Teaching people to grow their own is one of my main goals. I truly want people to be happier and healthier. Food is medicine. Avoiding processed foods and eating food that is grown without harsh chemicals has such a beneficial effect on your gut microorganisms. I love the fact that 90% of your serotonin is produced in your gut. Good food, good mood! Approaching life with a positive mindset is key to good overall health. I have encompassed all my knowledge into my book The Power of Organic Fitness; which is due to be out soon. This book has been a labor of love and I am thrilled to share it with the world. I truly want everyone to “Get on that good stuff”.

Along with being an organic grower, I am also a personal trainer; two things that really go hand in hand. I enjoy educating people on the importance of eating more single ingredient whole foods. Also the importance of either growing their own or sourcing it from local country markets. In this day and age, we have gotten so far away from what real food is. I am teaching people to get back to their roots, literally. I mentor people one-to-one on the Organic Fitness Program on proper exercise and nutrition. I mentor people to grow their own from the ground up, whether onsite or through my Grow Your Own course at Featherfield Farm.

My website has all other links to my Fitness Program, Podcast, YouTube channel, Tiktok, etc. through my LinkTree. Facebook and Instagram are great ways to keep up with me and my events as well. and